Tesla Model 3 – Vertini RFS1.1

Tesla Model 3 on the Vertini Wheels RFS1.1 in the standard Brushed Silver finish done at GetYourWheels.

Tesla Model 3 - Vertini RFS1.1

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Vehicle: Tesla Model 3
Wheel Model: Vertini RFS1.1
Wheel Finish: Brush Silver
Wheel Size: 19X8.5
Tire Model: Continental ProContact RX 
Tire Size: 235/40/19 

Other Available Finishes

Vertini RFS1.1 Gloss Black Brush Tinted Face

Vertini RFS1.1 Brushed Bronze

Vertini RFS1.1 Brushed Titanium

Vertini RFS1.1 Gloss Black

Vertini RFS1.1 Brushed Ruby Red