ADV.1 Wheels

A qualified and experienced manufacturing facility with proper organization and product knowledge that can only be acquired through years of experience. Capable of keeping up with any volume produced by ADV.1 and the financial backing to handle the development and R&D necessary for ADV.1 to create wheels and new designs that change the industry.

ADV.1 wheels utilize a specifically designed production program, providing up to the minute status on every order as it moves through the system. The system is updated constantly as orders pass through different stages such as Engineering Cue, Machining, Finishing, etc.

Extensive knowledge of the industry from every aspect including: retail sales, product development, manufacturing, engineering, and finishing. This allows our team to understand our vendors and customers, and gives us the know how to keep our customers happy, and our vendors organized.

The use of high quality parts and assembly procedures. Through years of trial and error, and lessons learned we’ve come to realize that cutting corners and costs can cost more in the long run. Inferior, inexpensive parts and materials can and will lead to problems. All parts, finishes, sealants and procedures used by ADV.1 are chosen with no regard to cost, or profit margins.

A strong, well organized dealer network. ADV.1 sells only to our network of authorized dealers whom are hand chosen, educated and experienced. We support our dealers 100% to ensure excellent customer service. There are No direct sales of our product line to customers. Please notify the nearest dealer for pricing information, if they do not carry the line please have them contact us immediately.

To summarize, ADV.1 wheels are essentially hand built for our customers. Our long history and experience will ensure a perfect performance product for each application. Feel confident you are looking at the very best the industry has to offer and we would be proud to welcome you to the ADV.1 family.

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  • ADV.1 ADV005 Flow Spec Custom Colors Available

    Starting $3,300.00 set of 4
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  • ADV.1 ADV08 Flow Spec Custom Colors Available

    Starting $3,960.00 set of 4
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  • ADV.1 ADV5.0 Flow Spec Custom Colors Available

    Starting $3,040.00 set of 4
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Showing all 3 results