Lexus GS350 – Vossen VFS-6

Lexus GS350 on the Vossen VFS-6 in the Silver Metallic finish done by GetYourWheels.

Lexus GS350 - Vossen VFS6

  • lexus-gs350-vossen-vfs-6-silver-metallic-get-your-wheels-01
  • lexus-gs350-vossen-vfs-6-silver-metallic-get-your-wheels-02
  • lexus-gs350-vossen-vfs-6-silver-metallic-get-your-wheels-03
  • lexus-gs350-vossen-vfs-6-silver-metallic-get-your-wheels-04
  • lexus-gs350-vossen-vfs-6-silver-metallic-get-your-wheels-05
  • lexus-gs350-vossen-vfs-6-silver-metallic-get-your-wheels-06

Vehicle: Lexus GS350
Wheel Model: Vossen VFS6
Wheel Finish: Silver Metallic
Wheel Size: 20X9 | 20X10.5
Tire Model: Delinte D7
Tire Size: 245/35/20 | 275/30/20

Lexus G460h – Ace Alloy AFF04

Lexus GS460h on the Ace Alloy Wheels AFF04 in the Gloss Black Machined with Gloss Black lip finish.

Lexus GS460h - Ace Alloy AFF04

  • lexus-gs460h-ace-alloy-aff04-gloss-black-machined-get-your-wheels-01
  • lexus-gs460h-ace-alloy-aff04-gloss-black-machined-get-your-wheels-02
  • lexus-gs460h-ace-alloy-aff04-gloss-black-machined-get-your-wheels-03

Vehicle: Lexus GS460h
Wheel Model: Ace Alloy AFF04
Wheel Finish: Gloss Black Machined Face w/ Black Lip
Wheel Size: 20X9 | 20X10.5
Tire Model: Falken Azenis FK510
Tire Size: 245/35/20 | 275/30/20

Other Available Finishes

Ace Alloy AFF04 Black Chrome Machined Lip

Ace Alloy AFF04 Titanium Machined Lip

Ace Alloy AFF04 Liquid Silver Machined Lip

Ace Alloy AFF04 Bronze Machined Lip

Ace Alloy AFF04 Gloss Piano Black Machined Lip