MRR GT1 Black with Machined Lip

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Wheel Manufacturing: Cast

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MRR Design Wheels classic GT1 is a lipped mesh wheel that has been around for many years. This is the classic lipped mesh wheel that caters to almost every vehicle application showcasing their large lip sizes. Offering fixed sizes with custom offset ranges allows for personalized vehicle fitments whether you’re looking for an OE+ fit or a more extraordinary appearance.

Please specify vehicle application and desired offset range for your custom MRR GT1 wheels. Leave only vehicle application for GetYourWheels Fitment Guaranteed sizing.

Offset Ranges for the machine lip rims are as follows:

18X8.5 offset range from +20 to +35
18X9.5 offset range from +24 to +40
19X8.5 offset range from +20 to +35
19X9.5 offset range from +24 to +40
20X8.5 offset range from +20 to +35
20X10 offset range from +20 to +40
22X9 offset range from +20 to +40
22X10.5 offset range from +24 to +40


Wheel Size Lip Size
18×8.5 1.25″
18×9.5 2.5″
19×8.5 1.5″
19×9.5 2.75″
20×8.5 1.75″
20×10 4″
22×9 3″
22×10.5 4.5″