E5 Speedway Titanium Brushed

Wheel Manufacturing: Flow Form

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The E5 Speedway Wheel is a perfect upgrade for the new C8 Chevrolet Corvette. Built using the premium rotary forged method, this wheel delivers high-end looks and performance. It features a sleek split seven spoke design with hollowed accents that complement the Corvette’s curves. The wheel comes in three finishes – Titanium Brushed, Brushed Bronze, and Gloss Black – to match any Corvette color scheme. Owners looking to stand out from other C8s on the road will appreciate this wheel’s intricate details. With its luxurious appearance and quality rotary forged construction, this E5 Wheel is sure to turn heads while providing a smooth, stable ride. It’s the ideal choice for Corvette enthusiasts wanting to customize their ride’s handling and style.


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