P51 HC707 Matte Black

Wheel Manufacturing: Flow Form

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Welcome the P51 HC707 matte black Mopar wheels! Wheels built exclusively for the LX/LD chassis Dodge Charger and LC/LA chassis Dodge Challenger. With careful engineering and construction, these P51 HC707 wheels were able get built as light as possible and still maintain and strong durable construction.

-Rotary forged/Flow Formed Construction
-Hubcentric fitment
-Designed to accept OEM Dodge centercaps
-Deep concave profiles
-Spline/Tuner lugs required

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Matte Black Dodge Wheels:

20×9.5 +21 at 26lbs
20×10.5 +25 at 26lbs
20×11 +21 at 26lbs

P51 HC707 Satin Black