ADV.1 ADV08 Flow Spec Platinum

Wheel Manufacturing: Flow Form

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Finding a wheel design that worked for both luxury big body sedans as well as SUVs like the Mercedes G-Class proved itself to be a challenge, until now. The ADV08 blurs the lines between it being a split 8 spoke and a traditional mesh wheel. It’s large surface area is by far the best of the Flow Spec line to show off our 2 standard finishes of Satin Black and Platinum Black with no wait times. If you’re looking for something outside of the box, ADV.1 offers a Bespoke Program that allows you to customize the color, width and even the offset of your 22? ADV08 so you can finely tune the wheels to fit your vehicle and style.

Tesla Model X - ADV.1 ADV08 FlowSpec Satin Black

ADV.1 ADV08 Platinium Black