Vertini RFS1.6 Gloss Black Tinted Face

Wheel Manufacturing: Flow Form

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The Vertini RFS1.6 boasts a lean and chic split five-spoke, monoblock design combined with it’s rotary forged constructions brings an added vehicle performance improvement due to it’s reduced rotational mass. Weight savings are achieved due to the simplistic design but also the advantages from the rotary forging constructions, a process that produces a rim with both reduced weight and increased strength.

The engraved spoke designs on the Vertini RFS1.6 are accented with the machined tinted faces to give contrasting details over the base of the gloss black finish. The Vertini RFS1.6 are custom bespoke and made to order, catering to a wide range of vehicles and needed offsets. The Vertini RFS1.6 is also available in the Brushed Silver finish.

Jack M4 Vertini RFS1.6