Forgestar D5 DragPack Gloss Black w/ Machined Lip

Wheel Manufacturing: Flow Form

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We’re very excited to launch the ever-popular Forgestar D5 wheels in a lightweight format ideal for those who drag race their cars. Available starting in a 15″ diameter, these wheels feature widths that will work for both front and rear drag racing applications. The Forgestar D5 drag racing form factor includes a traditional drag wheel design and it is the first of its kind. We’re extremely excited to help high horsepower drag vehicles reach faster 1/4 mile times.

The Forgestar D5 wheels comes standard in a Gloss Black finish with a unique Machined lip. The D5 drag pack wheels are also SFI 15.1 and 15.2 drag stip approved with the forged beadlock ring. Beadlock options are also available.

Forgestar D5 Features:

    • Bead knurling
    • Raised centercap for added axle clearance
    • Drilled to cone seat specs. *conical/tapered lug nuts will be required.