Volk TE37 SL Pressed Double Black

Wheel Manufacturing: Forged

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The Volk TE37 SL pressed graphite wheels in double black are the flagship model for all of Rays wheels line up. To further improve the TE37, Rays has introduced the TE37 Super Lap that offers a slightly lighter design, yet still offers the same strength and durability of the original TE37. To make the TE37 Super Lap even more unique, it is offered in a special unique color that can is made through painting and machining processes. Offered in only pressed graphite, the TE37SL does not have center caps as they are not attachable due to weight saving.

*Optional caps will require adapter rings (applicable sizes)
*Center caps will only fit on 5?114.3 & 5?120 models
(Refer to image below for reference)
*No caps available for 5?100 models