Volk TE37 Ultra Tourer Formula Silver Diamond Cut Rim

Wheel Manufacturing: Forged

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A new spec appears in Ultra, its name is Volk TE37 Ultra Tourer. I kept the performance of TE37Ultra intact, I was concerned with fine finishing. To the cars called super sports. Directly connected with exercise performance, VOLK RACING. We applied a diamond cut to the Volk TE37 Ultra Tourer, giving the rim grace, and, just like the original Ultra, this rim is built with great strength and high rigidity corresponding to heavyweight sports. Brilliance unique to forged materials has a distinctive feeling of admiration for speed. A racing deep rim that can be formed with the raise forging method. In the background that named tourer, it included the absolute margin of performance and the meaning of adult’s room.

Optional Colors are available at additional cost.

TE37 Ultra Optional Color
TE37 Ultra Optional Color 2