Volk TE37 Ultra Diamond Dark Gunmetal

Wheel Manufacturing: Forged

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Rays is proud to announce the creation of the Volk TE37 Ultra. The ability of creating advanced designs and keeping up with modern wheel led to the creation of these six-spoke wheels. The Volk TE37 Ultra is the culmination of technologies learned from the original TE37 and its spoke design, the machining techniques of the TE37SL, and the barrel construction of the TE37RT. With these lessons learned, these six spoke wheels stand to be the lightest and strongest 19-20-inch forged wheel on the market.

The TE37 Ultra will also be taking machining to a new class with the new ?3D? Volk Racing Original logo on the rim spoke. The rim flange will also see the ?Rays Eng.?, ?Forged?, ?Made in Japan?, JWL, and VIA logos machined along with a machined stripe similarly found on the TE37RT. The wheel center sees a new technique to not only add to the looks of the stunning TE37 Ultra, but add additional strength.

Optional Colors are available at additional cost.

TE37 Ultra Optional Color
TE37 Ultra Optional Color 2