Volk TE37 Ultra Track Edition Diamond Dark Gunmetal

Wheel Manufacturing: Forged

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RAYS constantly strives to improve their wheel design. Since the introduction of the 20 inch TE37 Ultra, Rays has been on the top of the GTR R35 performance by supplying the major players in the industry.

To further improve on the design the new Volk Racing TE37 Ultra Track Edition had literately shaved off 800 grams off the 20?10 size making it one of the lightest 20 inch forged wheels in the market.

The Volk Racing TE37 ULTRA Track Edition by Rays Engineering is a lighter variations of TE37 Ultras that come in applications for the Nissan GTR R35, BMW and Porsche.

Mold Form Forged Monoblock (Highest technology in wheel manufacturing)
Anti Tire Slip (knurling)
Center Cap-less Design
Machined Logo (spoke and lip area)
Machined in the back of the spokes for additional weight reduction
Hi-Speed Air Valve