Gramlight 57FXX Black Machined

Wheel Manufacturing: Flow Form

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It?s the high-tech wheel that owners of modern cars were asking for; larger diameters, aggressive fitments, and tougher looking design. The Gram Lights 57FXX takes the split poke design further by putting the spokes wider apart. With two different faces, the 57FXX will appeal to those who want the modern concave design. Utilizing RAYS Cast Flow Forming (RCF), the 57FXX barrel is spin formed just as the forged Volk Racing wheels are. This ensures that the 57FXX has a stronger barrel by creating a controlled metal flow in the casting and increases the density of the metal flow lines. The 57FXX also reduces weight by implementing CNC machining on the wheel spokes, with machined cut outs around the lug nut holes and hub mounting pad. Even with the machining done, the 57FXX does not lose strength in the hub or wheel spokes.

Gram Lights Wheels, a subsidiary of Rays Wheels of Japan is one of the worlds most renowned and recognized aftermarket wheel brands. Incorporating both excellent production quality, unique styles and lightweight yet rigid design at an excellent price point ? Gram Lights are an amazing choice for many enthusiasts. Through its many successes in road racing, rally, drifting, and other competitive motorsports, Gram Light Racing wheels have proven time and time again that Rays Wheels can be successful across multiple platforms. Extreme quality, lightweight construction, and strength are some of Gram Lights biggest appeals. With many popular applications for most Japanese and European vehicles, Gram Lights could have your next set of wheels.