Gramlight Azure 57 ANA Super Dark Gun Metal w/ Diamond Cut Face

Wheel Manufacturing: Flow Form

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The design concept of the Gram Lights Azure 57ANA wheels is to express next generation three dimensionality, even in narrow sizes.
From up front, these diamond cut rims appear to be an over type 2?5 spoke, however, the moment the angle shifts, you will immediately see an entirely different expression. This is due to the new incorporation (an industry?s first) of a high dimensional fusion of machining and diamond cutting?a process treatment that continues a design on two-dimensional and three-dimensional surfaces. As a result, the center part changes its appearance depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Not only that, such aspects are further highlighted by a design that focuses on the vertical section of the spoke by purposefully limiting its concaveness, thereby drawing out its three-dimensionality. The center cap has also been newly manufactured to match each color.
?One look is worth a thousand words.?