Rohana RFX5 Matte Black

Wheel Manufacturing: Flow Form

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The Rohana RFX5 wheels are from the 2nd chapter of the RF Series to utilize Rohana’s rotary forging manufacturing technology. Rotary forged wheels are stronger and lighter and because of the unique manufacturing process, the wheels structure is altered in a way that increases its barrel/rim strength. That strength allows the RF Series wheels to reduce the thickness of the outer barrel ultimately reducing rotational mass.

These Rohana RFX5 matte black rims feature an aggressive, split 5 spoke arrangement in even space. Built with function and form in mind, the RFX5 is a combination of the Rohana’s aggressive spoke styling on the iconic split 5 spoke design. The RFX5 is aggressive and new, finished in Brushed Titanium to a sly Matte Black to a rich Gloss Gold. Check out the gloss gold Rohana RFX5 wheels for an option that is guaranteed to make an impression.

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ACura NSX - RFX5 Matte Black