Rohana RFX1 Brushed Titanium Rotary Forged

Wheel Manufacturing: Flow Form

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The RFX1 wheel from Rohana is the first of the RF Series to employ Rohana’s rotary forging manufacturing technology. Rotary forging produces wheels that are strong and lightweight and that is because the manufacturing process alters the structure of the aluminum in a way that increases its strength. That strength allows the RF Series wheels to reduce the thickness of the outer barrel ultimately reducing rotational mass.

The RFX1 features a beautiful, straight 10 spoke arrangement in a symmetrical design. Just as innovative as its manufacturing process is the RFX1’s design. Evenly spaced, ten tapered spokes that is as visually light as its actual weight. The RFX1 is simple but gorgeous and executed in a Brushed Titanium finish, a stealthy Matte Black, and a bold Gloss Red.


Maserati Gran Turismo - RF1 Brushed Titanium