Sumitomo HTR A/S P03

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This tire delivers it all – the intensity of exceptionally crisp, high-speed handling and responsiveness, the stability of superior all-season traction, the durability of extended mileage and treadwear and the security of an outstanding warranty package. Featuring advanced Sumitomo manufacturing technologies and precision engineering, these Sumitomo HTR A/S P03 tires are a premium choice for sport cars, sedans and crossovers.

– Optimized asymmetric tread design enhances wet and dry handling, while reducing irregular wear and road noise

– Wide water evacuation channels reduce hydroplaning risk and bolsters wet-weather performance

– Serrated shoulder siping increases gripping edges for more confident braking on slippery

– Notched groove wall eliminates wet weather groove wander and improves grip in slush conditions

– Wide-angled center rib tread slots packs snow for added grip and quickly guides water away from the footprint

– Locking multi-wave sipe technology improves all-weather handling, braking and worn appearance

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